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Giemsa-stained blood smears were examined microscopically with immersion oil at 1000x magnification for the presence of piroplasms. 2014b) were used as negative and positive controls respectively. All the sheep included in the present survey were examined for ticks, which were collected and placed in tubes with 70% ethanol, then identified using the key of Walker et al. Three tick infestation indicators were determined (Margolis et al. PCR products were separated in 1% agarose gels to check the size of the amplicons.

Blood samples were collected in EDTA tubes from each animal and stored at -20 °C until used. Pour le prix et la qualité, n’hésitez pas à visiter !The customers from Oueslati walid from Tunisia orders the different tubes from China,thus he wants to place the order about our machines to finish the semi automatic production line like filling capping labeling for tubes as well as the pre-stage water treatment system and vacuum emulsifier machine.Through the help to local communities, which live together with the last deer, the project aims to improve the conservation of the area.The collaboration with our photographers took place during some research activities and census of deer population, documenting both to give visibility and to support the project.

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