Akanishi jin and kuroki meisa dating is postdating a check

Read More » After Sutou Ririka dropped the surprise announcement at AKB48‘s election that she was getting married, there were understandably some who thought that maybe it was a joke or a publicity …

They’ll be able to vote once a day on a special website set up for the event on which they can listen to previews of each song to make sure they’re voting for their favorites.So, it’s probably good that they are calling themselves “just friends”.Kuroki is 23 will release her new album entitled “Unlocked” on February 15, 2012 and Akanishi is 27, a former singer for the Japanese group KAT-TUN and he will be releasing his debut solo album in March 2012 plus tour the United States.Today, Meisa Kuroki took to Twitter to announce announce that she is currently pregnant with her second child by her husband Jin Akanishi.Meisa will soon be entering the stable period of her pregnancy. She thanked those around her for their support and understanding as she begins this new pregnancy.

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