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Comprising of crooner and front man Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, multi-instrumentalist and drummer Will Champion and bassist Guy Berryman, Coldplay have the backing of 6 previous world tours that were completely sold out.So if you want to see Coldplay live in concert, don’t miss the chance to buy your Coldplay tour tickets!He, guitarist Jonny Buckland (24), bass player Guy Berryman (24) and drummer Will Champion (23) have certainly sold enough records - seven million albums and rising fast - to justify the conceit. The sell-out 4,400 crowd at Pier 6 are simply laughing, as they have been at much of Martin's cheesy between-song banter.He didn't get to where he is today by being a foul-mouthed rock'n'roller, or even an aloof, artsy one.After all, it's his fault that he put Matt into this mess with him.

In June, headlining the first night of Glastonbury 2002, Martin's nervy chattering endeared him to 70,000 festival-goers more than any polished stadium patter ever could., Lindsay asks her father, "Do you want me to start naming names? It's wrong." Unless Michael Lohan was the "friends" she made this list with at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, she doesn't seem to have too big of a moral problem naming names. Which leads us to our big question: How likely Joaquin Phoenix: Lindsay and "J. It pisses me off when you do, to start naming names. Pheonix" (hey, you don't have to know how to spell someone's name to allegedly sleep with them) were rumored to have dated in 2006. One day while the circus is in town, a young man in his early twenties arrives at the Wolstenholme & Co Travelling Circus.Carrying a slightly battered suitcase and a guitar case, it doesn’t take long for someone to notice him. How does one picture on what a werewolf looks like?

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