Fwcutter updating firmware

Cheers I've changed the original instructions to reflect the directory change you mentioned ..thanks: BCM4301 BCM4306/2, BCM4306/3, BCM4311, BCM4312, BCM4318, BCM4320On a separate PC that has a working internet connection, download these 3 files: transfer them to your Home folder on the Ubuntu PC.For example, via System For Chip ID BCM 4311, 4312, 4313, 4321, 4322, 4331, 4352, 4360, 43142, 43224, 43225, 43227, 43228, and others as suggested by Broadcom.The propietary Broadcom STA Wireless driver is maintained upstream by Broadcom.

This is accomplished different ways by different Linux distributions, so please read the section for yours for the best results. I have a Dell D630 with Ubuntu 12.04 and Broadcom Wireless card 4312.I'm sure your update to the instructions (for 12.04) will be a help others ..Instructions to install the package may be found below. The b43legacy infrastructure is composed of two parts.The first is the firmware-b43legacy-installer package. This is simply a script to extract and install the b43legacy driver firmware, maintained by the Ubuntu community.

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