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Subjects covered include the onus of proof, corroboration and the assessment of evidence.

Extracts from the most important statutes dealing with evidence and referred to in the cases are provided, including the Civil Proceedings Evidence Act of 1965, the Criminal Procedure Act of 1977, the Law of Evidence Amendment Act of 1988, the Promotion of Access to Information Act of 2000, and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002, as well as the High Court Rules on disclosure, inspection and production of documents, and expert testimony.

Resignation notice usually takes the form of a letter (commonly called “resignation letter”) addressed to the employer, expressing the employee’s intention to terminate his employment.

The stated purpose of this compact guide is to equip readers not only with the theoretical knowledge required to comprehend and assimilate the subject matter, but also to acquire the skills, aptitudes and competencies necessary to analyse and solve issues and disputes that arise from the process of applying South African criminal law procedure, both to adult accused persons and to child offenders.

Some Comments on Recent Approaches to the Romano–British Villa and Some Suggestions Towards and Alternative (pp.

79–101) Robert Rippengal A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Romano–British Villa Mosaics (pp.

49–66) Simon Clarke When (and What) was the End of Roman Britain (pp.

67–78) Kurt Hunter–Mann ‘Villas as a Key to Social Structure’?

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